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Strictly Business Pleasures

April 2, 2016 Posted by Carrie

Well for the first time in my life I can actually say that I enjoyed a blind date. For my birthday my sister hired a guy from Nottingham escort agency to take me out to dinner and a movie. Instead of the movie we ended up at numerous clubs and danced the evening away. The guy was rather handsome and had an amazing personality. It really ruined my evening when we split up and I realized I could not see him again unless I went through his work. On my next date I have I will make sure that it is not on business terms and I am able to take him home any night of the week. It certainly ruins a woman’s self-esteem when they can’t even bring the hot guy they went on a date with home.

Really Excited

January 5, 2016 Posted by Carrie

I do not play online on the computer too often because I have never really gotten into the internet too much, it seems like a pain to me. Everyone that I know talks about shopping online for gifts and such, I would rather walk into the store and purchase the items myself.

My friends always talk about Facebook so I created an account last weekend. It did not take very long and I started getting all of these friends requests from people that I have not seen in years.

The girl that I wanna fuck from college sent me a private message asking me out on a date. I told her “yes”, I am kind of nervous because I have not seen her in years. Yesterday, I made reservations at a restaurant and at the casino so we do not have to drink and drive. I am really excited about this date and hope that it goes really well!