Running Out of Time

February 1, 2016 Posted by Carrie

I have been working on a research paper for school about escort services and how they help everyday people feel more human and worthy of walking on this planet. I had to choose a specific business so I ended up choosing Derby escorts as my maie source. I have been searching for one of their employees to interview, but so far I have been denied by three different people. If I do not find a single person to interview by this Tuesday I am going to have to switch escort companies. I really did not want to make the switch as this business is local and easy for me to travel to. If I have to though I guess I will start looking out of town, because I only have less than a week to complete my assignment and I have to work all weekend so literally I am left with no time at all to do this.

Really Excited

January 5, 2016 Posted by Carrie

I do not play online on the computer too often because I have never really gotten into the internet too much, it seems like a pain to me. Everyone that I know talks about shopping online for gifts and such, I would rather walk into the store and purchase the items myself.

My friends always talk about Facebook so I created an account last weekend. It did not take very long and I started getting all of these friends requests from people that I have not seen in years.

The girl that I wanna fuck from college sent me a private message asking me out on a date. I told her “yes”, I am kind of nervous because I have not seen her in years. Yesterday, I made reservations at a restaurant and at the casino so we do not have to drink and drive. I am really excited about this date and hope that it goes really well!

Looking For Luck

December 15, 2015 Posted by Carrie

I like to go out and have fun from time to time and when I do I usually have one of the beautiful Nottingham escorts companions accompany me. Usually I go to the local casino for an exciting night of gambling and drinks with my lady on my side.

I usually start out in the poker section and then work my way over to the electronic gaming section to try my luck out on the slot machines. The bar is where I stop in to get my drinks that is very spacious and is never too crowded. If I feel like I want to snack on something I always try one of their gourmet treats. Usually I am there for a long time and I need to use their internet access to check my laptop for work. At the end of the night I will give my companion a ride home.

Across the Room

December 7, 2015 Posted by Carrie

I love looking at girls on adult webcams. There is something so unique about the situation. I like to pretend they are performing just for me. I know that they are not, but it is a good way to relax! If my girlfriend ever caught me watching one of these, I am not sure how she would react. In the ideal situation, she would be thrilled, and join in on the fun. I think it would spice up our life in the bedroom. We have not been on the same page lately. That is why I have been watching these videos! However, they are great for helping me when I need to blow off some steam. My last girlfriend actually loved watching and using these videos. In fact, she even starred in a few of her own. This should not be considered cheating if she is not actually here, right?

Stop Controlling Me

November 29, 2015 Posted by Carrie

Finally after two years of being divorced, I am going out to find a fuck buddy Birmingham. I am honestly so tired of feeling sorry for myself and I need to go out and have some fun. I have spent two years cooped up in my house trying to figure out how to get her back when in all reality it is impossible. I made a plan with my brother for this Saturday and the two of us are heading up north to go camping and check out the local bars. I am not sure if we will find any decent looking women or not but at least we will have some fun during the process. I have a feeling that when my ex wife finds out about my vacation she is going to get angry. Even though she left me, she still tries to control my life.

Never Would Have Imagined

November 19, 2015 Posted by Carrie

I never thought these functions would get any better or even any more exciting. All my co-workers and I do is sit around a table at a restaurant and drink, discussing the company’s issues. Although we are able to drink during these brief meetings, the conversations are enough to kill anyone’s buzz. The other night after hours of web surfing I came across the Derby escort agency. I decided that maybe going through them would be beneficial to my state of mind during these work functions. I couldn’t have made a better choice. After bringing my escort to one of the meetings, I decided that maybe this could be a routine for me. She added spice to every conversation and made everyone of my co-workers blush, even with their wife sitting right beside them. Not only did I like my new friend, but so didn’t everyone sitting around the table.

First Time in a Long Time

September 9, 2015 Posted by Carrie

I was born in Florida and stayed there my whole life up until last month. I was very nervous about the move to New York, but my third day there I met a fuck buddy at the local pub. Having him around is great because he knows the entire area and has shown me around places to visit and places to stay away from. If it wasn’t for him, I would have probably wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Story of my life actually. Although we are on the “buddy” status, I still think of him as a close friend as well. No matter what’s going on, he is always there for me day or night. That is not something I am used to and I have to say it makes me feel so amazing about myself for the first time in a long time.

iFail in the interwebs

August 7, 2015 Posted by Carrie

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend Mike. You know, the one who just graduated from University of Texas’ adult web design program. Well, he got a job with Lochman Real in downtown Austin and he was telling me all about it. It is a pretty interesting gig according to Mike, as they mainly handle XXX accounts or what some would term Adult theme websites. He tells me of this one where he slightly misspelled a word. The contact information for the website was Helen Blowler and he imputed the name as Helen Blowher. I guess that is a iFail on his part! The funny part is no one noticed until the corporate meeting with client. Mike left that meeting with a really red face! His new office nickname is Blowher!