First Time in a Long Time

September 9, 2015 Posted by Carrie

I was born in Florida and stayed there my whole life up until last month. I was very nervous about the move to New York, but my third day there I met a fuck buddy at the local pub. Having him around is great because he knows the entire area and has shown me around places to visit and places to stay away from. If it wasn’t for him, I would have probably wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Story of my life actually. Although we are on the “buddy” status, I still think of him as a close friend as well. No matter what’s going on, he is always there for me day or night. That is not something I am used to and I have to say it makes me feel so amazing about myself for the first time in a long time.

iFail in the interwebs

August 7, 2015 Posted by Carrie

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend Mike. You know, the one who just graduated from University of Texas’ adult web design program. Well, he got a job with Lochman Real in downtown Austin and he was telling me all about it. It is a pretty interesting gig according to Mike, as they mainly handle XXX accounts or what some would term Adult theme websites. He tells me of this one where he slightly misspelled a word. The contact information for the website was Helen Blowler and he imputed the name as Helen Blowher. I guess that is a iFail on his part! The funny part is no one noticed until the corporate meeting with client. Mike left that meeting with a really red face! His new office nickname is Blowher!

Loose end

June 25, 2015 Posted by Carrie

I’ve rang round all of my friends, apart from Jenny, to find out what they have got planned for the weekend in the hope that at least one of them will be free to go with me to the new nightclub that has just opened up in town. My work colleague Sue is not feeling very well; I think she has a touch of flu. Sandra, my ex’s sister, has a arranged to go on a blind date, and Sally, who works for an agency, is going to an all night party with three other Newcastle escorts, so it looks as though I’m at a lose end unless I can persuade Jane to come with me. The problem with her is her husband. He’s very jealous and doesn’t like her going out without him so I’m not holding out much hope.  Then again he could pick up a new hobby and take a dis-interest in things like this.